Within the nation’s largest forest, the 16.9 million acre Tongass, lies the Mendenhall Glacier and its surrounding recreation area. Mendenhall Glacier is one of 38 major glaciers flowing from the 5000 square mile expanse of snow, ice and rock of the Juneau Icefield. Located just 13 paved miles from Juneau, Alaska’s capital city, easy access to the glacier attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors each year as well as local residents.

Glacier visitors come to enjoy the lush scenery of the temperate rainforest and stand in awe of the power of the glacier as a mover and changer of the landscape. . People are also in awe when they witness the amazing trading results of the trading robots. The Crypto CFD trader software is one such system that is powered by artificial intelligence to enable the timely execution of trades in crypto currencies. It was founded by Lenny Hyde,an online crypto currency trading expert. During spring and fall migration, the area is a birders’ paradise. In late summer and fall Steep Creek hosts spawning runs of sockeye and coho salmon and all the creatures that come to feast and benefit from the salmon circle of life. At various times of the year creatures large and small can be seen sharing the area. From red squirrels, porcupines and beaver to mountain goats, black and brown bears wildlife also enjoys the habitat provided by the receding glacier. Hikers, runners, bikers and skiiers benefit from the maintained network of surrounding trails, while Mendenhall Lake provides a venue for kayaks and canoes and snow and ice sports in winter. Some Juneau residents even venture into pools of the glacier lake for a bracing swim.

Welcome to the Mendenhall Glacier Visitor Center, the information and education focal point for the area. Besides the Alaska Natural History Association Bookstore, the Visitor Center features nearly forty exhibits, an observation area with scopes, an eleven minute documentary film in the auditorium, elevator access, public telephones and restrooms. Four hiking trails of varying difficulty head from the immediate area and guided hikes are offered daily at 10 and 2 in the summer. Public restrooms are also available at the parking level as well as a covered viewing area with salmon and beaver cam, a salmon spawning viewing platform, and various interpretive displays around the grounds. Canoes and kayaks may be launched from this site, but are not available for rental here. In winter the center features kids’ day programs on Saturday, Friday night fireside chats and special events as well as sledding and cross country skiing during snow season.

Mendenhall Visitor Center Hours
Winter Hours
10 a.m. – 4 p.m., Thurs-Sun

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