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Alaska Natural History Institutes

Active education in the Far North for the benefit of people and the environment.

Alaska Natural History Institutes classes are offered in several of Alaska’s premier wilderness destinations. Our small group classes, field courses, and internships are designed not only to teach, but to inspire a renewed appreciation for our public lands and to foster their stewardship for future generations.

In Denali National Park and Preserve we offer our courses through the Murie Science and Learning Center. In partnership with the National Park Service and under our former name, the Denali Institute, has shared Denali with hundreds of students, teachers, families, Alaskans, and visitors for the past six years. We look forward to offering the same high quality educational experiences in Denali under the Murie Science and Learning Center name.

We hope to have you join us soon in on one of our field courses.

With Alaska as our classroom, let Alaska Natural History Institutes be your guide!

Field Seminars: Surrounded by Alaska’s dynamic living laboratory, each Field Seminar takes you on an in-depth exploration into unique landscapes.

Teacher Trainings: accredited courses that are offered all summer in throughout Alaska.

This Last Treasure: Alaska National Parklands (Hard Cover)

Originally published in 1982 to celebrate the new and expanded national parks in Alaska, this re-release is in honor of the 25th anniversary of the Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act (ANILCA).

President Jimmy Carter contributed a preface for the 2005 release in honor of the historic land conservation act that bears his signature.

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With fresh photographs and a new elegant design complimenting William Brown’s lyrical writing, this book is a keepsake for anyone who loves Alaska’s national parks.

Hard cover, 192 pages, by William E. Brown and published by the Alaska Natural History Association.

ISBN: 0930931688
Price: $40.00 ($34.00 for members)
An additional product of interest:
This Last Treasure: Alaska National Parklands (Soft Cover): Soft cover, 192 pages, by William E. Brown and published by the Alaska Natural History Association.

Alaska Bookstore

Welcome to the Alaska Natural History Assocation’s online Alaska bookstore. A wide variety of books, maps, and other products are published or produced by the Association.If the price of the stock on Crypto VIP Club goes high then they sell the stock. Trading helps you to time your market whereas as an investor all that you are focussed on is to create wealth. This is done by compounding the dividend and the interest. To benefit from this you need to hold on to quality stocks in the market for very long terms.

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Merchandise is in keeping with natural and cultural interpretive themes of Alaska’s public lands.

Discover Alaska Collection

The Association features a variety of hats, pins, and patches from the exclusive collection of logos for Alaska public lands.

Featured Bookstore Items


The Last Giant of Beringia: The Mystery of the Bering Land Bridge
The Last Giant of Beringia: The Mystery of the Bering Land Bridge. Author Dan O’Neill. Hardcover, 231 pages, illustrated. Sale price $18.95. Originally $26.00.

The Greatest Good : A Forest Service Centennial Film
The Greatest Good: A Forest Service Centennial Film. 3 Disk Set on DVD includes 300 minutes of additional material. $21.95

American Values, American Wilderness
DVD, color, 57 minutes, ISBN 1931570345. Written and directed by Christopher Barns. Narrated by Christopher Reeve. 2005 High Plains Films.

Denali National Park Pin
By Alaska Natural History Association

One Man’s Wilderness: An Alaskan Odyssey
223 pp. Soft Cover By Sam Keith from the Journals of Richard Proenneke

Connecting People to Alaska's Natural and Cultural Heritage
Books and educational programs for Alaska national parks and public lands

Books on Alaska & Public Lands Information

The Alaska Natural History Association is your connection to books on Alaska and educational programs for national parks, national wildlife refuges, national forests, state parks, and other public lands in Alaska.

The Association is the nonprofit educational partner of Alaska’s public lands dedicated to sharing Alaska’s rich natural and cultural heritage. The Association is a bookstore, a publisher, an educator, and a supporter of public land educational programs.

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You can trust the Association to offer the best available information and books about the natural and cultural heritage of Alaska.
Learn more about the Association’s Educational Programs and Books on Alaska:

A bookstore for public lands in Alaska featuring unique books on Alaska published by the Association and others.

Information, recommended guide books & maps for public lands to help visitors plan their travel in Alaska.

Experiential education courses offered through the Denali Institute, a program of the Association.

Ways to support public lands and the Association’s programs by becoming a member.

If you are searching for an Alaska book, map, or video, then the Association’s Alaska bookstore is a good place to find the latest publications on Alaska national parks and other public lands. The map of Alaska and public land pages offer information on national parks and other public lands in Alaska for travel planning. For each public land, this website provides information, resource links, and recommended guide books and maps for planning your trip and getting the most out of your visit.

Alaska Silence and Solitude DVD

Venture into the remote wilderness of Alaska to experience the spectacular scenery, encounter bull moose, caribou, dahl sheep, grizzly bear, and meet Dick Proenneke who has lived by himself in this

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“one man wilderness” for over 30 years. For those who dream of a true wilderness experience in the wilds of Alaska, this video is the next best thing to being there.

Price: $24.95 ($21.21 for members)

An additional product of interest:

Alone in the Wilderness DVD: A documentry of Richard Proenneke, the subject of the book One Man’s Wilderness: an Alaskan Odyssey. By Bob Swerer Productions. DVD, 60 minutes. Recently featured on PBS.

Lake Clark National Park & Preserve Pin

Lake Clark National Park & Preserve – Remote Lake Clark National Park and Preserve, primarily accessed by floatplane, offers a true wilderness experience. Mountains rise dramatically over turquoise lakes reflecting the park’s spectacular scenery. Volcanoes still steam on the eastern flank, the terrain descending westward through tundra-covered foothills and boreal forest. Rich in salmon and other wildlife, this is a place people have always called home.

Price: $7.00 ($5.95 for members)

Additional products of interest:

Lake Clark National Park & Preserve Patch: Embroidered patch for Lake Clark National Park & Preserve.
Alone in the Wilderness DVD: A documentry of Richard Proenneke, the subject of the book One Man’s Wilderness: an Alaskan Odyssey.A good investor may not just blindly jump into a trend but will wait for the right trade set up.

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By Bob Swerer Productions. DVD, 60 minutes. Recently featured on PBS.

Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge Pin

Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge – The Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge is comprised of more than 2,500 islands, islets, spires, rocks, and headlands. The 4.5 million-acre refuge extends from the Arctic Ocean to southeastern Alaska,

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with most lands in the Aleutian Islands. The refuge protects habitat for 40 million seabirds which nest in Alaska, as well as marine mammals and other wildlife.

Price: $7.00 ($5.95 for members)

Additional products of interest:

Discover Alaska Collection Poster: Full color poster.
Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge Patch: By Alaska Natural History Association

Alone in the Wilderness VHS

Alone in the Wilderness is the documentry of Richard Proenneke, the subject of the book One Man’s Wilderness: an Alaskan Odyssey. Richard Proenneke built his own cabin in the wilderness near Twin Lakes, in what is now Lake Clark National Park & Preserve.

    • To live in a pristine land unchanged by man…


    • Be a self-sufficient craftsman, making what is needed from materials available…


    • To roam a wilderness through which few other humans have passed…


    • To be not at odds with the world, but content with one’s own thoughts and company…


Richard Proenneke lived the dream of building a cabin in the Alaskan wilderness, and stayed to become a part of the country.

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This video is a simple account of the day-to-day explorations and activities he carried out alone, and the constant chain of nature’s events that kept him company.

By Bob Swerer Productions. VHS, 60 minutes. Recently featured on PBS.

Price: $23.95 ($20.36 for members)

Additional products of interest:

Alone in the Wilderness DVD: A documentry of Richard Proenneke, the subject of the book One Man’s Wilderness: an Alaskan Odyssey. By Bob Swerer Productions. DVD, 60 minutes. Recently featured on PBS.
Lake Clark National Park & Preserve Patch: Embroidered patch for Lake Clark National Park & Preserve.
Lake Clark National Park & Preserve Pin: Enamel Pin

Alaska State Parks

Alaska holds almost one-third of the United States’ state park acreage. More than 130 state parks stretching across the entire state cover a total of 3 million acres. These parks feature a wide variety of sites that are important historical landmarks, protected natural environments or both simultaneously. Some parks offer nothing but wild, untamed nature; some, baseball and volleyball fields; others, restored villages and artifacts. Every year, about 6 million visitors – 25 percent from outside the state – are attracted to Alaska’s state parks.

Four state parks are served by an Alaska Natural History Association Bookstore branch:

Denali State Park
Independence Mine State Historical Park
Totem Bight State Historical Park
Worthington Glacier State Recreation Site

The bookstores offer an abundance of interesting and informative resources about these parks as well as other public lands and Alaska’s rich nature and history across the entire state.

For online information about other state parks, please visit the Web site of the Division of Parks and Outdoor Recreation, Alaska Department of Natural Resources.

Gates of the Arctic National Park and Preserve

By establishing Gates of the Arctic National Park & Preserve (GAAR) in Alaska’s Brooks Range, Congress has reserved a vast and essentially untouched area of superlative natural beauty and exceptional scientific value – a maze of glaciated valleys and gaunt, rugged mountains covered with boreal forest and arctic tundra vegetation, cut by wild rivers, and inhabited by far-ranging populations of caribou, Dall sheep, wolves, and bears (barren-ground grizzlies and black bears). Congress recognized that a special value of the Park and Preserve is its wild and undeveloped character, and the opportunities it affords for solitude, wilderness travel, and adventure. Gates of the Arctic encompasses several congressionally recognized elements, including the national park, national preserve, wilderness, six Wild Rivers and two National Natural Landmarks. The National Park Service is entrusted to manage this area to protect its physical resources and to maintain the intangible qualities of the wilderness and the opportunity it provides for people to learn and renew its values.

Gates of the Arctic National Park and Preserve – Official Site