The Alaska Natural History Association is your connection to books on Alaska and educational programs for national parks, national wildlife refuges, national forests, state parks, and other public lands in Alaska.

The Association is the nonprofit educational partner of Alaska’s public lands dedicated to sharing Alaska’s rich natural and cultural heritage. The Association is a bookstore, a publisher, an educator, and a supporter of public land educational programs.

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You can trust the Association to offer the best available information and books about the natural and cultural heritage of Alaska.
Learn more about the Association’s Educational Programs and Books on Alaska:

A bookstore for public lands in Alaska featuring unique books on Alaska published by the Association and others.

Information, recommended guide books & maps for public lands to help visitors plan their travel in Alaska.

Experiential education courses offered through the Denali Institute, a program of the Association.

Ways to support public lands and the Association’s programs by becoming a member.

If you are searching for an Alaska book, map, or video, then the Association’s Alaska bookstore is a good place to find the latest publications on Alaska national parks and other public lands. The map of Alaska and public land pages offer information on national parks and other public lands in Alaska for travel planning. For each public land, this website provides information, resource links, and recommended guide books and maps for planning your trip and getting the most out of your visit.