Lake Clark National Park & Preserve – Remote Lake Clark National Park and Preserve, primarily accessed by floatplane, offers a true wilderness experience. Mountains rise dramatically over turquoise lakes reflecting the park’s spectacular scenery. Volcanoes still steam on the eastern flank, the terrain descending westward through tundra-covered foothills and boreal forest. Rich in salmon and other wildlife, this is a place people have always called home.

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Lake Clark National Park & Preserve Patch: Embroidered patch for Lake Clark National Park & Preserve.
Alone in the Wilderness DVD: A documentry of Richard Proenneke, the subject of the book One Man’s Wilderness: an Alaskan Odyssey.A good investor may not just blindly jump into a trend but will wait for the right trade set up.

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By Bob Swerer Productions. DVD, 60 minutes. Recently featured on PBS.