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Merchandise is in keeping with natural and cultural interpretive themes of Alaska’s public lands.

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The Association features a variety of hats, pins, and patches from the exclusive collection of logos for Alaska public lands.

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The Last Giant of Beringia: The Mystery of the Bering Land Bridge
The Last Giant of Beringia: The Mystery of the Bering Land Bridge. Author Dan O’Neill. Hardcover, 231 pages, illustrated. Sale price $18.95. Originally $26.00.

The Greatest Good : A Forest Service Centennial Film
The Greatest Good: A Forest Service Centennial Film. 3 Disk Set on DVD includes 300 minutes of additional material. $21.95

American Values, American Wilderness
DVD, color, 57 minutes, ISBN 1931570345. Written and directed by Christopher Barns. Narrated by Christopher Reeve. 2005 High Plains Films.

Denali National Park Pin
By Alaska Natural History Association

One Man’s Wilderness: An Alaskan Odyssey
223 pp. Soft Cover By Sam Keith from the Journals of Richard Proenneke

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